Man With A Van Service


Quotes for larger removals, long journeys or all-day rates can be obtained by request please ring us for a quote.

Per Hour Prices 

This is ideal for multiple short or medium distance drops, or when it is not possible to predict how long loading and unloading might take.


 £35.00 per hour (with the driver loading and unloading) MIN 2 hours = £70.00

£45.00 per hour( 2 men loading and unloading) MIN 2 hours  = £90.00

Any work performed on Saturday or Sunday adds 10%.
Work performed after 6pm or before 7.30am also adds 10%.

Parking costs and Congestion Charge will be added to the total where applicable.

Time starts when we arrive and stops upon receipt of payment.

Any outstanding payment is to be made to the driver directly at the end of the job using cash or cheque.

Invoicing is by prior arrangement only subject to stipulated requirements.

Should the job exceed the minimum 2 hours slot extra time will be calculated by half hour segments.

Note: All prices are VAT Applicable

Terms and Conditions

Delicate or fragile items must be adequately packed or protected by the customer- we only carry blankets for general protection while in transit. Insurance rights may be invalidated if the items are not fit for transit.

We request that customers disclose as much information about the load as possible, ie. amount and nature of items, any special parking arrangements, any stairs or tight spaces to be negotiated, items which might need dismantling and so on. 

We reserve the right to refuse to take any load we feel is unsuitable or that has not been accurately specified before collection and therefore may affect later scheduled clients.

Any single item must not weight more than 30kg PER MAN lifting it, for Health and Safety stipulations and insurance reasons. If you have a very heavy item please ensure you have enough people to carry it- we reserve the right to refuse transit if potentially dangerous or harmful to the item, our staff or the customer.

 Our vans are all comprehensively insured for Hire and Reward, plus an additional Goods In Transit insurance and £1,000,000 Public Liability insurance. Any damage must be reported and verified immediately with the driver who will provide a claim form. We cannot accept responsibility for any alleged damage after job is complete and payment has been made. In line with the terms of our underwriters, the first £250 (excess charge) of any claim is the customer’s responsibility and will be required in advance to initiate the claim process with our insurance company. Insurance claims can only be validated when an item has been adequately protected, so we always advise to ensure delicate items are protected as we only carry blankets for covering items.

If you need to cancel but do not inform us at least 12 (twelve) hours before our due arrival time, you will be liable to a call out fee of 50% of your booking cost.

 If you do not hear from your driver via text or phone call the evening before your move, you must contact us immediately. We have this system in place as a 'failsafe' for both your benefit and ours, and cannot accept responsibility for potential booking errors if we are not advised well in advance.

Any outstanding invoice unpaid after 7 days will incur interest, calculated daily and backdated to the job date, at 3% above the current stated HSBC SVR interest rate. After 30 days the invoice will incur a further £35 administration surcharge and be passed on to a 3rd party collection agency. We will inform you 5 days before this occurs, and after this we will have no further responsibility or involvement in the debt.

If an additional service such as unscrewing a water fitting, removal of a door etc is requested it must assessed, advised and agreed by the driver and a damage waiver signed if necessary.
Ensuring adequate parking is the responsibility of the customer. If a penalty charge is unavoidably incurred we request immediate payment to the driver by the customer. We will always do everything we can (within the law!) to prevent this from happening. 

By making a booking with Man with Van Recycle all Ltd you are accepting the Terms and Conditions of our 'Man And Van' service.