Pricing Caged Trucks

Wait and Load

Prices are based on the size and weight of the load:

Our prices include the cost for two operatives to load, sweep up after the job and the disposal of the waste.

It is always best to contact us first so we can guide you on price and get some photos or send an operative round to view the waste.

1 cubic yard = 1 yard x 1 yard x 1 yard

Size of LoadCubic YardsLabourMax KgEquivalent ToPrice
Minimum Charge110 mins50 Kg1 itemFrom £40
Quater Load2-315 mins250 Kg20 Rubble/Black Bags£85
Half Load4-530 mins500 Kg35 Rubble/Black Bags£150
Full Load8-1260 mins1000 Kg70 Rubble/Black Bags£250

Extra Labour is charged at £20 per operative per extra 30 minutes after the agreed period, subject to the size of load.

Regarding Labour charges, we are reasonable and lenient as many different factors can cause delays. On major clearances, we work out an all-in price.

Supplemental fees apply to the following items

Large Single ItemPrice
Single Fridge or Freezer£30
Double Fridge/Freezer£45
Car and Van Tyres£5
Commercial Fridge/Freezer£75
Car Battery/UPS Battery£13
Calor Gas Bottle/Extinguisher£14
Fluorescent Tubes£4

Heavy Materials

Aggregates and SoilPrice
For heavy materials such as hardcore, sand and soil, we charge by the weight.Contact us for a quote
3.5 tonne vehicles, With or without labourers' assistanceContact us for a quote
7.5 tonne vehicles, With or without labourers' assistanceContact us for a quote
Special rates available for separated waste streams including wood, hard-core and muck awayContact us for a quote

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