Fly Tipping Clearance

Fly Tipping Waste Removed & Recycled

Unfortunately, Fly Tipping is still a big problem in the UK. As well as being visibly distressing it can be hazardous and present health and safety issues if other parts of the building or site are being used.

Regardless whether the land, building or road is privately owned or owned by the Local Authority, Recycle All will provide a cost effective waste clearance solution to clear all of the waste and advise on future measures to reduce the risk of more incidents.

The waste removed will be recycled in an environmentally friendly way. As well as providing RAMS Risk Assessment Method Statements, if requested, Recycle All can provide Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP) data to provide the client with a breakdown of the waste removed.

All plant machinery, labour and waste vehicles can be provided by Recycle All.

Pricing is usually done by ‘one off’ pricing or by the ton of waste removed inclusive of all inputs (labour, machinery) required to complete the works.

Area covered, the South of England.

Risks of leaving fly tipped waste to fester can mean

  • Damage of the land, by leaching of the waste into the soil, ground water and water ways
  • Attracting more waste, by leaving fly tipped waste, other criminals can start to target the same area
  • Vermin and other health hazards, can take root creating the threat of disease to employees, residents, household pets and farm live stock.

If you have been fly tipped please contact us, we can react with speed to help resolve your problem in a cost effective way.

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