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Great Priced Skips With Quick Delivery

  • Same day service where possible
  • Wait and Load service
  • Help with council permits
  • Very high level of recycling

Whether you require a skip for your home, business or building sites we are the company for you. We aim to get a skip out to you on the same day or next day.

Skips are well suited to getting rid of all kinds of non hazardous general rubbish builders’ waste and particularly heavy aggregates such as soil and rubble.

We serve both commercial and domestic customers, and have an experienced team who can tell you what size of skip will best suit your project and organise the skip hire periods and exchange and collection times to ensure the waste you generate gets taken away without delay. For excavation projects such as basement dig outs we can provide multiple skip exchanges throughout the day.

If the skip is not being placed on private land such a driveway or car park, Recycle All can assist in acquiring the permit necessary to place skips on the public highway.

As well as offering the usual set down, exchange and return service we can provide a wait & load service we give the first 30mins free to load the skip before it is lifted back on to the truck.

The waste removed is sent to dedicated sites for sorting, recycling and use as renewable energy.

Hours of business 6am until 6pm

Skip Size Calculator

  • 4 Yard skips are great for small household projects like kitchen and bathroom rip outs
  • 8 Yard skips are good for soil, rubble and general rubbish/builders waste
  • 12 Yard skips are ideal for house/shop clearances and general bulky rubbish they cannot be used for soil and rubble.

Skip Sizes

 Skip Size  Skip Length Skip Width Skip Height 
4 Yard Skip*4 cu YRDs3.06m³5’11”1.80m4′1.22m3’2″0.96m
8 Yard Skip*8 cu YRDs6.12m³10’6″3.2m5’9″1.75m4′1.22m
12 Yard Skip*12 cu YRDs9.8m³12’2″3.7m5’9″1.75m5’6″1.68m

Information & FAQ’s

Our skips are available in the following sizes:- Mini – Midi – Large | 4 Yard / 8 Yard / 12 Yard

Skips can be dropped on a private property such as your drive or on the road outside your house. Skips can also be dropped at business, offices or factories.

For householders correct positioning is the key. A skip needs to allow for a 9 ft entrance and  is up to 12ft long. Most drives are suitable but thought should be taken to the quality of the surface. Lorries can be heavy! If you do not possess a drive or cannot get it on your existing one you might need consider the road. A permit is required for a skip on a public highway, which we can organise for you.

If the skip is likely to be heavy with soil or hardcore, the maximum size is a 8 Yard. As a general guide, aggregates convert to a ton or more per cubic yard.

For skip permit problems, we offer a skip wait and load service, where the driver will wait while you load the skip. Please contact the office for further information. Also see our Caged truck wait and load service which may be more suitable for non-aggregates.

Yes, in accordance with current legislation, fridges, fridge freezers, asbestos, fire extinguishers and tyres are not to be placed within a skip. Any of the mentioned found in one of our skips will be returned to the address in question and possible fines may be incurred.

For deliveries, exchanges and collections give the office a call on 0800 774 7005.

A notice of 24 hours is usually required for deliveries, collections and exchanges. However, if you call us early in the morning we can sometime get a skip out to you on the same day.

You can keep the skip for as long as you need it. The price is for the skip and not the length of time it’s out. However, if the skip has been on hire a long period of time (Over 4 weeks) and is classed as full by one of our passing drivers it can be lifted without notice. If you know that the skip will be on hire for a long period of time, inform the office when ordering and they will keep this information on file.

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